1.1. Create a new game


At the "All Games" submenu you can add your game to the platform (at both website and launcher, automatically).

Where to edit

Click on New Game to create your game at the panel, by clicking on the +New game button or on the +New game label under Games Board at the left side menu.

Fill in the "Add new game" form

  • Name: official name of the game

  • SEO Name: SEO-friendly name that will appear at the URL of the game

  • Folder Name: name of the folder that will be created at the user’s PC for the game

  • Game Status: choose between developing if you want the game page to be private at the platform while you work on the configuration or coming_soon if you wish the game page to be public at the platform under the “Coming Soon” label.

  • Banner Image: This is your game's logo for the game page. PNG recommended.


When you have filled in the form, click on the Submit button to create the game.

By clicking on the Submit button, your game page is created both at website and launcher.

The dedicated game page (URL) at the IDC Games website will look something like https://en.idcgames.com/your-game-name/.

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