The Complete Integration Guide is intended for game developers that wish to perform the integration with the IDC GAMES platform by manually managing the capabilities of our publishing solutions. While the Panel integration can be managed by managing staff, we strongly recommend the login, payments and API integrations to be performed by programmers.

Complete Integration Guide sections:

1. Panel Guide

Here you will find how to manage the upload of your game to be published at the IDC Games plaform (website and launcher) and configure its public game page. Edit descriptions, images, videos, categories, requirements, guides, media, news, patch notes, forum, events, DLCs, releases, languages, shop, stats, etc.

page1. Panel Guide

2. Login Guide

Here you will find how to integrate our login system for your game within the IDC Games platform so that only valid users log into your game and get to play. It also provides information on how to retrieve other useful information related to users.

page2. Login Guide

3. Payments Guide

Here you will manage the creation of a custom game shop that will be built into your game for end users to make in-game purchases, both microtransactions and subscriptions.

page3. Payments Guide

4. API Guide

Here you will find advanced capabilities that IDC Games will add as they are needed.

page4. API Guide

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