1.2 Game Configuration


At the "Configuration" submenu you can add the game's public basic information: main callbacks, unique identifiers, game requirements, categories and genres, PEGI info.

Where to edit

At the left menu, click on Configuration and select the game you wish to configure.

Public location

Click here to check the configuration parameters in place at the game page.

Game Data


Wallet ID

Provided by IDC Games

Wallet Secret Key

Provided by IDC Games

Game Secret Key

Provided by IDC Games

Game Type

Insert game types separated by commas

Transaction IP Whitelist

Provide your list of secure IP addresses separated by commas to limit the access to your game to only to trusted users.

URL WebShop Callback

Insert the game's shop callback URL, that looks something like https://en.idcgames.com/<GameName>/shop?user=<user_in_game>

Game Chars

Clasify your game as per number of characters and type of interaction (1 player, multiplayer, cooperative, allows split screen, features in-game purchases, etc.).

Choose as many labels as needed by checking its checkbox. The game chars that you have checked will appear at the game's page as icons.

Game Requirements

At "Game requirements" you will find default values for each field of the game's system requirements, which are public at the game page.



Operating system, insert minimum and recommended.


Processor, insert minimum and recommended.


Random-access memory, insert minimum and recommended.


Graphics card requirements, insert minimum and recommended.


Hard disk drive free available space required, insert minimum and recommended.


If your game has a PEGI certificate, check it here. Add additional labels for a better understanding of the type of content your game features (sex, violence, gambling, etc.).

Game Categories

At the Non-Admin Categories, select as many categories as needed (action, strategy, adventure, RPG, Sports, etc.).


Click on "Submit changes" or "Submit Changes & Go to Language" to submit, or "Set as Community Game".

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