2.4. Login with HTTP

Example of login with HTTP


Parameters of the request

  • &idctk is obtained from idctk parameter

  • &idcgameid unique game identifierobetained from idcgameid parameter

  • &idcuuid obtained from idcuuid parameter

Parameters of the answer

Example of the request

https://www.idcgames.com/unilogin/getAccessData.php? idctk=6ae4e9d12e76438eb41955c09c9369ef&idcgameid=999&idcuuid=6022DAAE-03F7-11E9-BB88-E86A6485A3C7

Example of the answer

{"status":0,"description":"LOGIN OK","user":{"userid":19833”, "usercrc":"c0c16dbf26478896b9a76b01670247fa", "language":"es", "country":"ES", "currency":"}}

Request extra info about users in HTTP


Parameters of the request:

  • &userid

  • &apisecret with the following values: 0 (OK) or 1 (USER INVALID)

  • nick: user's nick

  • email: user's email address, of provided

  • avatar: URL to the user's avatar's image

  • status: conexion status of the user: online, offline, etc.

  • custom: custom user's status message

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