1.4. Multi-Language


At the "Multi-language" submenu you can specify the languages your game is translated into and the reach of the translations (interface, voiceovers, subtitles).

Where to edit

At the left menu, click on Multi-language and then on Game Language. Once there, click on the "+New game language" button.

Public location

Click here to check the multi-language parameters in place at the game page.

Add new game language window

You will now see a window called Add new game language:

Fill in the fields:

  • Game: select the game from the drop list.

  • Language: select the language from the drop list.

  • Checkbox items: select all the types os assets that are translated into the selected language: "interface", "audio" (voiceovers), "subtitles", and "web" (public texts at the platform like descriptions). Check "Active" if the translations are already implemented or leave unchecked if they are under construction.

When you finish, click on the "Submit" button.

Game Language List

You will now see a window called Game Language List. Here you will find all the elements that are translated, by language, for each of your games. Click on the "Edit" button to change and on the "Delete" button to delete the language from a given game.

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