1.9. WebSection


At the WebSection menu you can preview all the changes you make at the rest of the panel sections and manage the publication at the platform.

Where to edit

At the left menu, click on WebSection.

Default deploys

Each game is shown the available deploys by default at the WebSection page. If you wish to run a custom deploy, click on the "Custom Deploy" button.

Custom deploys

At the custom deploy window, you can deploy the section, game and language you wish by clicking on the item you wish to deploy and then on the "Deploy" button.

Please note that all the images at this section are compulsory, and you need to upload them all. If you don't wish to customize a certain image with your game art, upload a transparent png. To add an image, drag and drop the image to the proper space, insert an URL to the image at the URL button, or click on Thumbnail to select an image from a device.

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