1.3 Shop


At the "Shop" submenu you can set up a shop and manage the in-game products that players will be able to purchase at the game's shop.

  • Wizard. Go to Wizard to create shops, items and articles.

  • Offers. Go to Offers to manage special pricing for your items and articles.

  • Coupon. Go to Coupon to set up promo codes to offer a discount on articles or to receive currency and items for free.

  • Themes. Go to Themes to create a theme that changes the look of your shop.

  • Test shop. Go to Test shop to test your shops before going live.

Where to edit

At the left menu, click on Shop.

Public location

Click here to check out a shop at the idcgames.com website. The shop's URL will always have the following structure: https://en.idcgames.com/GameName/shop.

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