Game page

The game page is a dedicated group of pages for a given game (both at the website and launcher).

Game's home page

Aso called "Game page", it is the home page for a given game and it centralises all the information about it. Click to see example.

The game's home page features the following sections:

  • The Game: name, promotional images and texts, PLAY NOW button

  • Introduction: basic game info: languages, system requirements, categories, number of players, long description, promotional trailer, and gameplays. By clicking on "Gameplays" the gameplay subpage is opened.

  • News: latest news about the game. By clicking on "News" the news subpage is opened.

  • Reviews: analysis and reviews.

  • Guides: patch notes, guides, tutorials. By clicking on "Guides" the guides subpage is opened.

  • Forums: forum and support. By clicking on "Forum" or "Support", the forum/support subpages are opened, respectively.

  • Media: media (artwork, videos, screenshots). By clicking on "Media" the media subpage is opened.

  • Shop: shop link. By clicking on "Go to Shop" the shop subpage is opened.

  • Social media: social media links.

Where to edit

The game page items are uploaded and managed at the Store Content section of the IDC Panel.

Game's news page

News page with the latest information about the game.

The news page features the following sections:

  • eSports with information about the upcoming eSport tournaments and leagues

  • In-game events with information about in-game events (limited time events, themed characters, limited-time challenges, tournaments, etc.).

  • Promotions: seasonal promotions, limited time discounts, etc.

  • Patch notes with information about miscellaneous updates.

  • Support: real time information about the state of technical issues that the game may experience.

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