2. Login Guide

If you wish to publish your game DRM free, you can skip the login system integration. If not, login integration is compulsory.

Basic parameters

Your game is now available at our launcher in test mode with the following parameters, that we add for developers to test the game prior to release.



Token that identifies a start session at the game


Unique game identifier


Identifies the machine from which the session was started (only necessary if developers don't use the IDC Games library to retrieve the user ID


Values: 0 (OK) or 1 (USER INVALID)

Once these parameters are retrieved, the game can access the information in 2 ways:

  • 1. Calling the getAccessData function at our DLL idclib.dll/idclib64.dll.

  • 2. Making an HTTP request to and URL that will retrieve the necessary data. This is recommended for games that prefer to make a server to server call from the game's server to IDC's. In this case, developers have to notify IDC Games the IP/IPs from which they will launch the request.

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