1.6. DLC


At the "DLCs" submenu you can add the downloadable content (DLCs) for your game/s.

Where to edit

At the left menu: click on DLCs > Contents and then select the game you wish to configure.

Once a game is selected, click on the "+ Add DLC" button to add a new DLC.

Add new DLC window

  • Name: name of the DLC

  • Version: version of the DLC

  • Tags: select the ones that apply

  • Splash: the public promo image for the DLC at the platform, both website and launcher. Attach by inserting a direct URL to the image within your systems or upload the file

  • Description: add short and promotional text that describe what your DLC consists on in as many languages as you like. Consider using call to action at the end to attract players to the download

When you have finished click on the "Submit" button.

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