IDC Panel

The IDC Panel is the developer console or Content Management System (CMS) where developers upload a game to our platform (both website and launcher) and manage all the game's public and private information: descriptions, images, categories, tutorials, media, news, patches, tags, SEO fields, versions, releases, translations, etc. Go to the IDC Panel.

IDC Games Platform

The IDC Games platform is a multi-language digital game distribution platform specialized in free to play PC games and indie gaming, with a downloadable launcher.Go to the IDC Games platform.

Landing page (LP)

The landing page of a game has advertising purposes and it is the destination of all the advertising and marketing campaigns that take place with IDC Games. It is automatically created at the IDC Games website when you publish a game with us, but it can't be reached by navigating the platform, only by direct URL.

Login system

Login solution developed by IDC games that once integrated by developers within their game/s, deploys a complete and secure user access control both at the IDC games platform prior to user access to the published game/s. Our login solution offers social login, password recovery, login authentication, GDPR privacy law compliance, and fraud prevention.

Game Page

Game's dedicated page at the platform (both website and launcher), labeled under "The Game" top menu to the right. Visit a game's page here.

Game Shop

Digital store dedicated to one (1) game where players can purchase its gaming products. By uploading a game to the IDC Games platform, a default shop for the game is automatically available both at the website and the launcher, so developers can start monetizing their players inmediatly.


Person or company that trades digital goods through the payment gateway; in this case, developers, who trade in-game products.

Payment solution

Video gaming businesses use a payment solution or payment gateway to be able to charge their players for gaming products and services like in-game virtual currency, DLC, loot boxes, subscriptions, boosters, items, skins, merchandising, etc., with a wide range of payment methods for users to choose from. By publishing at the IDC Games platform, developers gain instant access to our payment solution.

Payment gateway

A payment gateway is a merchant service that processes credit cards, PayPal and other payment methods, allowing businesses to generate revenue by selling digital or physical products to their customers. IDC Games manages payments via the Wolopay gateway. Go to the Wolopay gateway

Payment methods

Means by which players can pay their purchases. Our payment solution supports the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, Diners Club), PayPal, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill wallet, iDeal, Trustly, G2A Pay, Safety Pay, bank transfer, Neosurf, and more.

Store Content

Store content are the assets (text, image and video) that appear at a the platform to render the different sections of your game.

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